World's Best Couple Toes the Knot - Riso Printed Greeting Card

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Finally, there's some good news on the front page for once! Your good friends are getting hitched and the only gift they care about is the special card that they received from their most thoughtful guest (you!).

Designed by Ezra Whittaker-Powley.
The card is A5 (105 x 148mm). Printed by Risograph using yellow and blue soy-based ink, by the wonderful Helio Press in Brunswick, VIC.
Stock is white, 250gsm Envirocare card. The card is left blank inside so that you can write a nice heartfelt message. Due to the process of Riso Printing, colours may be slightly mis-aligned, or small crop marks or roller marks might be visible on final prints. These are the kinds of imperfections that make Riso-printing special :)